Prioritizing Your Wheel of Life

zig ziglar wheel of life

Zig Ziglar coined the term “Wheel of Life” to help people create a balanced approach to setting goals in their lives. The Wheel of Life is composed of seven elements: Spiritual Family Health Knowledge Relationships Work Financial For any wheel to roll smoothly, it needs to be properly aligned and balanced. I recently experienced a […]

How to Build a Value Engine for Your Small Business

build a value engine for your small business

Your business exists to solve problems. The solution has to be valuable enough that another person is willing to exchange something of value in return. A Value Engine is created when a business can consistently deliver solutions with excellence and generate a profit. What is Value?  Value is defined as “something is held to deserve; […]

4 Business Development Constraints Holding Your Small Business Back

4 business development constraints holding your small business back

According to our 2018 Villepreneur Survey, Louisville area small business owners identified business development as their organization’s biggest challenge. I was not surprised by this data. Business development is hard. In my experience, there are four primary constraints that cause organizations to struggle with business development. The following constraints are listed in a specific order. […]

Know Like Trust Playbook for Business Development

know like trust business development framework

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. The Know Like Trust framework for business development is designed to help small business owners simplify the business development process. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

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